DromTriks 300


DromTriks 300 is a drum machine sequencer prototype built by Halldór Eldjárn & Kristján Eldjárn.

It currently has four tracks, each with one instrument. Bass drum, snare drum, hi hat and the “Funky” drum which is capable of producing FM style sounds. Those instruments were hacked together last minute and will be thoroughly revised before the next iteration. Apart from that they produce lovely sounds and you can see it in action in the video below.

The drum synth is running on a Raspberry Pi B+. We are using the TonicAudio library to define and render the sounds. The current version uses the Linux ALSA library to interface with the built in audio card of the Raspberry Pi.

It is equipped with 6 potentiometers and a 4 by 4 led button array for sequencing. The user interface is handled by an Arduino Mega 2560 which sends signals over serial bus to the Raspberry Pi which in turn tunes the drums or manipulates the sequences.

Next steps
– Make tempo adjustable (currently fixed to 120 BPM, lol)
– Use a different audio card for better D/A conversion. Currently it’s very noisy.
– Define more and better instruments
– Make the sequencer support loops longer than 1 bar.
– Use GPU for hardware acceleration to prevent dropping audio frames

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